Voters at a Caucus

You can ask a wide variety of people what they think about the President of the United States and usually by the end of their first term the President’s approval rating has plummeted to at least half (Unless your George W. Bush. Which in his case it was worse.). I for one haven’t noticed any opposition to Barack Obama by the democrats. I am positively sure that not all Democrats agree with President Barack Obama’s ways. So who decides if someone gets to run for President? OOOOOOH I KNOW THIS ONE!!!!!!! Money!!!! Another thing is that a lot of people with lots of money don’t have to work for it! They can “half-ass” their way through anything and still have all their flaws covered up by people want their money.

So why are the Iowa Caucuses so important? Why does this one state seem to spread across the news like wildfire? Here’s a video explaining how even though the caucuses only make for 1% difference in the long run, they’re still important. I should know it  has dollar signs written all over it.

So now with that information we know that since the Iowa Caucuses are ahead of many primaries across the nation. This gives people with lined pockets a great idea of who has a great shot at the White House.


I don’t care who you are or where you come from, but you will not change what I am about to say. Consider that many Americans work high demanding jobs (assuming they are employed). Then they come home to their families and have to take care of several chores and tend to their families. I would estimate less than 15% actually researched each candidate thoroughly via internet sources that aren’t biest or favoring one candidate in particular.  I would estimate a good 67 or larger percent of people tend to favor a candidate based upon their political party rather than voting for someone based on what they bring to the table in Washington. This Caucus may just be for Republicans but when it comes down to it in November people will be swayed by ads and they will act like they know everything when they don’t know squat. So don’t tell me about the Iowa Caucuses TV. I don’t care. I would never vote for someone who’s ego is so big they have to run for President and lead this country into China’s asshole.

Father LIKE SON: Many people I feel are un-qualified to run for President although the US Constitution allows it. Mitt Romney is an example of this. He was born into $$$$ and politics. His daddy was George W. Romney.  He was elected Governor of Michigan after working his reputation up from nothing and going through the Great Depression. Mitt Romney was lucky. But wait that’s not all. Mitt’s MOMMY WAS ALSO VERY LUCKY. I believe someone who worked their way up the ladder is more likely to do a great job rather than someone who’s got something they wanted their whole life. Now what are the chances Mitt Romney would have became a Governor of Massachusetts without inherited money? But someone who worked their way up like Barack Obama will be more likely to be more focused. He’s kept many of his promises already. And if you watch FOXNews you’re mentally retarted by the way.

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